And I’m Back.

Fresh from our overnight stay at Laiya over the Mother’s Day weekend. And pardon if I’ll delay again the kwentos and all because Nikky’s battery got drained and I’m still charging it so the uploading will not take place until perhaps tomorrow. You know me, my getaway stories aren’t complete without the pictures. Albeit some inconveniences (heavy rains, got lost on our way to Laiya, no dinner, etc) of our stay there, I maximized and enjoyed the day because I was with my boys. And I so love watching how Asher enjoyed the beach. Stay tuned for the pics.

Belated Happy Mother’s Day to all of my mommy friends out there! Hope you had a wonderful one as much as I did. :)

Meanwhile, I’m off to finish my research about AEDs before the little one messes me up in front of the laptop.

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