A Cookies and Cream Moment.

Mother’s Day and hubby’s birthday were just days apart this year. Since we were out of town on mother’s day weekend, we had our little 2-in-1 feast on his birthday instead. For dinner, we had pansit, lumpia and we tried this new Red Ribbon Cookies and Cream Cake, which is heavenly, I must say. Ever since we saw the TV commercial, we knew that the Cookies and Cream Cake is a must-taste one.  If you’ve been a long time viewer of my Flickr gallery and have seen the monthly birthday cakes of Asher, you might have concluded that Red Ribbon’s our favorite. The S’mores Chocolate Cake used to be our top most favorite but the Cookies and Cream changed it. Its layering of creamy cookies and cream filled with real chocolate cookie chunks and vanilla and chiffon cakes in between is the best thing about this cake. Plus, the soft whole oreo cookies toppings finishes the taste with a big bang. I just love it to bits because it doesn’t taste that sweet as you would think because of its chocolatey-cookies-and-cream appeal.

Check out the pictures first and let them do the talking.

DSC_1062 DSC_1054
Lumpia. DSC_1055
Asher accidentally (or was it intentional) touched the cake. Nanghinayang si daddy sa icing haha! Heheh parang nandidiri si Asher
Daddy don't eat my fingers ha? DSC_1086

The photos, by the way, were taken using our new lens, a Nikon 50 mm f/1.8..and yet again, another 2-in-1 thing. It’s our common gift for each other since we’ve been yearning for this for quite some time now. This is the nice thing about having a common interest with your husband. Whatever you gift him, it’s like gifting yourself, too.

Pardon the last few pictures if they are blurry but I just want to share the series of these father and son shots. The new lens isn’t an auto-focus one so it’s tough to capture continuously. After the husband blew the candles, Asher accidentally (or was it intentionally), stroke the cake’s icing. The husband didn’t want to waste the handful of icing so the fingers..errrr, icing went straight to his mouth. Take a look closely at Asher’s reaction, his face seemingly went icky and disgusted at first but he later on enjoyed the tickle. Or it could also be that Asher was bothered because he wants to lick the icing himself, don’t you think? Thanks to the Cookies and Cream cake for enabling me to capture such a lovely father-and-son sight to behold. Moments such as these make me feel over blessed and lucky to be a wife to my loving and wacky hubby and a mom to an adorable and smart son. I’m certainly looking forward to the succeeding mother’s days I’ll have in the years to come.

I just hope that Red Ribbon will also be there to help me handle the situation like the way the mom in the “monthsary” video did to his heartbroken son. Sheesh..that’s still a long way to go, I can’t even think of Asher growing that big yet. Can he just be my baby forever?


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