Long Weekend Ahead.

Even though I’m no longer a corporate slave, holidays such as tomorrow certainly bring smile to my face. Why? Because it means we get to spend the whole day with the husband. Much more if the holiday falls on a Friday because long weekends means longer quality time, more lakwatsas and for me, more time to enjoy a faster internet connection at my in laws place. (They used to have an internet shop at home but didn’t cancel or downgrade their dsl plan after terminating the business). So just imagine how I’d be going gaga downloading my looooong list of movies and mp3s from symbianize.com starting tonight. Further, I’ll be unstoppable because I’ve signed up for a Megaupload premium account. It seems I’ll be needing another EHD for all these stuffs.

So what else will keep us busy this weekend aside from my download craze? Well, we’ll go malling either tomorrow or Saturday to try for the nth time, have Asher’s first ever hair cut at Cuts 4 Tots. This has been postponed several times already since his 1st birthday so by hook or by crook, we’ll never let this weekend pass without accomplishing it.

We’ll spend our Sunday at my FIL’s hometown in Pulilan, Bulacan. It’s their town fiesta and at the same time an uncle of hubby will celebrate his birthday so there goes another bout of pigging out session. And of course, watch Manny Pacquaio’s big fight against Ricky Hatton. I bet the country’s criminal rate would recede again as everyone’s world will stop and all eyes will be glued on the television.