Apalit Sunday Getaway.

Last April 19, we, together with my in-laws, trooped to Apalit..my MIL’s hometown. It’s their town fiesta and given the fact that Kapampangans are great cooks, this event shouldn’t surely be missed. We had great food..all tables that we went were abound with various meat, chicken and fish dishes, sweet native delicacies, street foods (there were chicken feet and head) and a lot more. We “table-hopped” from house to house (there were four all in all) and we’re overwhelmed with the hospitality of Paul’s relatives. We were so full that our tummies felt like it’s gonna explode if we took in another bite. It’s just a blessing that I have a scrawny built and I am not conscious of my calories intake so diet pills are out of the picture. We took some photos however, the heat was so intolerable plus our heavy tummies idled us that we were able to take just a few snapshots and of course, mostly of the little one.

DSC_0300 DSC_0305
Asher amazed of the mangoes on the tree and wanting to get them.
DSC_0314 DSC_0316
Asher with his nangungulit na Daddy
DSC_0309 DSC_0310
Asher roaming and walking around

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