1st Birthday Party Supplier Ratings – Part 4

..and the last installment of the long overdue supplier ratings.

Part of the reasons why I’m postponing to finalize is that I’m thinking to which blog will I post it. The web hosting of my Mommy Blog is under server maintenance right now so I might as well do it here. Besides, it’s here where I started it.

Check out the previous parts here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

My DIY projects:
Rating: 10++++
1. Jungle Safari Themed Invitation
Digital Kit: Sweet Safari Kit by Misty Cato (from Sweet Shoppe Designs)
Software used: Photoshop CS2
Invite Photo Printer: Artscow

Safari Invite. (Blue) The DIY Invites.Safari Invite. (Brown)

I have to be biased and give it a perfect 10 because it was me who conceptualized and designed the invitation and the husband who drew the jungle-lific map. Aside from the remarkable savings that we got from this party detail. It’s been a while (as in months due to busy mommy schedule and online works) since I last touched my digi kits but glad that my creative juices came up with such a simple yet cute invite. May personal touch kumbaga. Thanks to Aggie for the kit referral. I was able to use this kit in all of my DIY projects for uniformity. It has the perfect soft blue and brown colors that I exactly wanted for the invites, guest sheets, thank you sticker, name tags, chocolate bar wrapper, table name labels and tarpaulin – the things that I DIY’ed. Cost wise, this is one of the details where we saved a lot since I availed the monthly promo of free 50 pcs 5R printing at Artscow so it was just the shipping cost of $7.99 (roughly about Php 384 or Php 7.68 each copy) that I paid for. Yes, a lot cheaper compared to that of Digiprint’s or Kodak’s. I think their 5R prints cost Php 13 each. The husband drew the map with jungle landmarks on a parchment paper and burned the sides a bit for an added effect. We sealed the envelopes (bought at National Bookstore) using the animal stickers which comes in pads (at Php 8/pad) that were bought at Divisoria.

**Regarding Artscow, be sure to sign up now to avail 1200 free prints credits, 3 pcs of 8″x8″ photo books & other great photo gifts credits. Yes free, so it’s just the shipping fee that you’re going to pay for. Artscow’s lab is based in Hong Kong but yes they do ship internationally. They accept credit card and paypal payments. Depending on your postal office, the parcels are sometimes delivered straight to your house but in my case, I always get mine from Makati Central Post Office upon receipt of a parcel notice from them. Parcel fee costs Php 35/package and since these are just photo prints and won’t be for commercial use, there no more customs taxes and duties will be further collected.

2. Thank You Card

The Thank You Sticker Card.

– printed on a paper sticker with 2″x2″ dimension

3. Tarpaulin
Printer: Arkigrafix
Address: Quezon Ave (in front of National Bookstore-Crossings), QC
Tel No: 3765693

Jungle Safari Themed Stage. The Welcome Banner.

I initially wanted a styro backdrop but decided to digiscrap my own tarp when I came to know about the whopping rental price of a styro one. I made a layout with a dimension of 84 in x 144 in at 100 dpi to come up proportionately with a 7 ft x 12 ft printed tarpaulin. The printing costs Php 25/sq ft and the tarp was ready for pick up after 2 business days. For the welcome banner on the other hand, I had it printed at 1.5 ft x 3 ft. The tarp material and printing quality are nice and worth the price.

4. Table Name Labels

The Balloon Centerpiece (Plus the African Jungle Themed Table Names)

To add some more jungle safari effect on the party, I scoured the internet for 15 safari and african related words for the table name labels. I came up with: Mt Kilimanjaro, Lion’s Den, Leopard’s Lair, Savannah, Elephant Rock, Samburu Tribe, Boran Tribe (got it from Survivor Africa), Watering Hole, Zambezi River, Hippo Pool, Fox’s Burrow, Jungle Lagoon, Grassland, Wildlife Preserve and Native Guides. These were printed on a special paper (sorry forgot the gsm) and Jacque just stuck them on the balloon centerpieces.

5. Chocolate Bar Wrapper

Read the Nutrition Facts!!!!

Choclittalk could actually design the wrapper but again since I prefer that there should be consistency on the print works, I designed the cover and even the nutrition facts myself. Forwarded it to Rico and the rest (formatting on their template for printing and packaging) were done by them.

Giveaways, Loot Bags and Prizes
Bought from the following:
Oriental Trading (animal party bags, safari visors, animal masks, animal stamps, safari print fans, animal notepads with googly eyes, jungle print pencils)
Toy Kingdom (animal foam capsules)
SM Baby Company (bath toys, face towels, animal ring teethers)
Goodwill Bookstore (animal books and workbooks, crayons)
Mercury Drugstore (cotton buds, baby oil)
Divisoria Mall (animal stickers, safari sunglasses, animal keychains, tiger skate sharpener, various animal plushes, coasters, tin cans, etc)

The Jungle Safari Loot Bags. Prizes and Personalized Chocolate Bars. The Registration Table. Animal Workbook and Crayons. Loot Bag Contents for the Babies. Loot Bag Contents for the Big Kids.

I purchased almost all of the stuffs from Divisoria – the party supplies haven in the metro. But since I couldn’t find some more jungle-themed stuffs, I bought some more from Oriental Trading (OT). Since OT doesn’t ship internationally, I asked a US-based friend (thanks Chris) to shop for me and ship my ordered stuffs to me through LBC. I bet you would likewise agree with me that OT has the best, cutest and unique themed party supplies and stuffs. The fact that the pricing isn’t that costly is also a plus. Chris also added some tootsie roll candies for the loot bags to maximize the LBC shipping box allowable weight.

Other Decors:
Safari Print Balloons – Oriental Trading
Monkey and Frog Plushes – Divisoria Mall (at Php 35/plush)
Animal Mylar Balloons – c/o Jacque

The Latex Safari Print Balloons. Shot ni Paul. Post ko lang para matuwa naman siya. Pwede na daw ba? DSC_0184

Thanks to Glo for ordering the safari print balloons at Oriental Trading for me. I would have ordered these from a local multiply seller but upon the computation of cost with shipping and all, ordering 50 pcs of these from OT turned out to be cheaper still. These balloons were nicely made by Partyboosters into topiary balls and were one of those that were rowdily snagged by the guests even before the program came to the last part. The croaking frog and monkey plushes were bought from Divisoria Mall. I ordered a few animal mylar balloons from Ebay but unfortunately, they arrived late. Days before the party, I ordered a few from Jacque to make up for the undelivered ones. So if you or if you know someone who’ll be having a jungle safari themed party, I still have with me the unused animal mylar balloons (8 pcs total – 2 of each animal shown below) that were bought from Ebay and I’m selling them at a much lower price just so they will be disposed already. Please let me know if you are interested. (Edited: All mylar balloons are sold already.)


(30 inch LION, 30 inch ZEBRA, 30 inch ELEPHANT, 26 INCH MONKEY – all double sided, self sealing re-usable mylar balloons – Php 275 each. A local multiply seller sells it at Php 365 each) –SOLD

Jungle Safari Costume
Asher’s hunter costume: Spin and Florsheim
Mommy’s Safari Dress: from Ebay
Daddy’s cargo pants: SM
Mommy and Daddy’s Hunter Hats: Divisoria

The Birthday Family.

Asher was gifted with a khaki polo and shorts for the party and he dressed up ala-Kuya Kim Atienza or hunter style. He also has a khaki hat but he refused to wear it. For the shoes, we bought a pair of brown sneakers from Florsheim which I love to bits because it’s soft, comfy and easy to wear on him.

Again, thanks to everyone (guests, families, friends and suppliers) who made Asher’s first birthday a very special and memorable one. We hope that you enjoyed the party as much as we (Paul, Asher and I) did.


  1. jing says:

    this is a wonderful post!my daughter adore animals and she’s turning 7 next year.do you think it’s ok if we have the same safari jungle theme as yours for her party?she doesn’t like much of the girly stuff nor the usual cotillion type for 7year old birthdays. i love ur concepts, still can u give advice us to how i can incorporate girl’s stuff as well esp for the little guests?thanks!
    btw, where in divi did you get the safari shades?

  2. April says:

    Hi, I was wondering where you got the animal standee? Coz i’m planning on having a safari birthday for my son’s first birthday as well. Thanks.

  3. sharon says:

    Hi Mommy! I am working on my son’s birthday party on May.I want sana DIY lang din ang invites and have it printed out nalang.I have been reading feedback about Adobe Photoshop CS2.Ilang beses ko siya dinadownload,kaso pag iinstall ko na siya,my pc always gives me error note,like I don’t have any permission to access the said software.Could you help me on this please?Thanks!

  4. Cheronne says:

    Hi! I love how you planned your son’s 1st birthday. You are amazing! Everything looks so fascinating! My son is turning 1 in August and i am making him a 1st birthday party and the theme is going to be safari. I wanted this to be my theme for my baby shower but it didnt happen so now i want to do it for his 1st birthday. if you don’t mind could you please answer all thee questions i have related to your sons birthday since it turned out fabulous! I was reading how you did your invitations and banners but didn’t quite understand. did you order a kit you said and made it yourself? also, where did yo find all your animal standees? and your favors, the chocolates that say asher. Where’d you order those from? please get back to me when you get the chance! Thank you!

  5. joann says:

    hello, im having a safari party for my daughter, may i know where you got your standees? Thanks

  6. yam says:

    Hi mommy mai,
    thank God i found your blog while i was searching ideas for bday parties. it gave me lots of ideas since im planning for my baby daughter’s dedication and 1st bady. though it’s still on october pa. was planning to have “under the sea theme” and im very much excited as all first time moms are. anyway, i did purchase a kit from sweet shoppe designs but here comes the problem, i really have no idea how to use the photoshop. huhuhu:'( do you have any suggestions like a tutorial site? or maybe someone to do the invitation for me?
    i would be very glad to hear from you…thanks a lot and GOd bless u and your family!

  7. tess says:

    like the concept of ur party. just wanna ask where did u get or order the animal standees? tnx

  8. Lavern Taylor says:

    my son loves animals so much. i think safari theme will fit his type. thanks for sharing this photos. baby asher is so cute. 😀 my son’s favorite animal is lion, Jojo’s lion, Goliath. (Disney) 😀

  9. steph says:

    I ordered from Oriental Trading also but got an email that they weren’t able to get authorization for my credit card. So I have to call them if not, my order will get canceled. I ordered and payed for the stuff online and had them shipped to a relative’s house in LA. Is that the same thing you did? Or did your friend pay for the stuff with a US credit card?

  10. Eddel29 says:

    Nice information, this is really useful for me. There is nothing to argue about. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it. Thanks and God Bless.

  11. Jei says:

    Hello Mommy,
    I love your blog, it helped me a lot in planning for a safari party. The references of your item source is so so helpful. With regards to the safari digiscrapbook kit on Misty Cato, i found it in Amazon however its not available. I am just wondering if you’re selling the “program” do know exactly how to term it?
    hope you could help tnx.

  12. Mhie says:

    hi mommy!

    your post is very informative..
    just like Jei, I’m planning for a safari party for my son. hindi na nga available ung digi-scrap kit.. others are not so cute as the one u got.. I just want to ask where you bought asher’s tiger costume?

    maybe you can share other tips in preparing a small safari party at home.. thanks so much!

  13. Mommy Rodgh says:

    Hi! Your blog is so informative and helpful to me as I am planning as well a Safari theme party for my son’s 1st birthday. May I ask where did you get the safari animal standees as your backdrop?
    Hope I will hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

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