Why Jungle Safari Theme?

So before I launch my supplier ratings which I’ll be posting bit by bit, let me share how we came up with a Jungle Safari Theme first.

We had an animal theme for the simple reason that Asher has an early fascination with animals even when he was just a few months old. He loves the hanging ornamental butterflies in the living room, the hanging fish decors in the kitchen, the magnetic bee on the ref, his Nemo stuffed toy, his croaking frog plush and his fish rattles, lizards, and my in-laws’ pets Jumong (dog) and Margie (cat). We opted for a jungle safari theme since it’s easier to collate party ideas with such a generic theme. I am also aware that, generally, kids (setting aside gender) love animals.


  1. crizelle chan says:

    hi mai!

    you’re my idol! im currently searching for safari themed ideas for my little boy who is also turning 1 this coming sept, that i came across your site!

    well, im not as creative as you but im trying to be with the budget my husband gave me :)

    wala lang.. just want to say i love your site and it has been really helpful. got a few ideas like the tarp but im still having a hard time brainstorming with the design.. gusto ko gayahin nalang yung ginawa mo :)

    hope my little boy’s party will be as successful as yours!


  2. sheila says:

    i am so inspired with your ideas that’s why i have decided to have a jungle safari theme as well for my son’s 1st birthday party.i’m having difficulty finding a party organizer to help me.i wanted to try your friend ms. jacque.she absolutely made a very beautiful venue, very festive birthday party for your son. :p may i know your how much did u spend for the decorations as well as the entertainment that is if you dont mind…panic na ko e lapit birthday son ko… please help!

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