Lolo’s Request.

Party date: March 1, 2009.

Asher’s birthday is actually on the 2nd. We had a party a day earlier which is a Sunday so a lot of the guests can make it (since weekends are family day). Further, we don’t uphold those beliefs about celebrating ahead one’s actual birthday. I am unsure if it’s a Chinese belief or just plain old beliefs…but either, I simply don’t believe in such. Since Asher’s was a Monday, I doubt if majority of the guests can make it. Celebrating it on the 7th or 8th isn’t favorable either since it’s way to far already from his actual birthday. Another reason is for his Lolo to join the celebration before they fly back to Saudi on March 2. If you recall my birthing story, Asher was born several hours after my Dad flew back to Saudi last year. He didn’t get to see his very first grandson. And so since the granddaddy really wants to celebrate with us, he requested that we set on an earlier date than his scheduled flight. We gladly agreed to the wish of the doting Lolo and I’m sure that’s what Asher wanted too. As I’ve mentioned in my Mommy Blog, Asher is such a Lolo‘s boy. If I or his Daddy is not around, he’s the only one who could appease the little one. If asked to choose from among everyone, it would automatically be his Lolo that he would extend his arms and go to. And that’s what amazes us since they’ve just first met last January and yet, he’s super dooper fond of him instantly.

For Asher’s second birthday, we don’t have plans yet on how to celebrate it. We’re even unsure if there will be a party at all because we’re looking at the possibility of travelling late this year or early next year. So with such, touring on our birthdays (we have the same birthday month) sounds fabulous. Depending on our budget, a trip to Bohol, Palawan, or even abroad like Hong Kong or US to see New York City Attractions. Then it would be perfect if the whole family especially the doting Lolo could join us.