1st Birthday Supplier Ratings – Part 1

I’ll be dividing this review into parts as this will be quite long.

**Venue: Makati Park and Garden (Artist Pavillion)
Location: JP Rizal Extension, West Rembo, Makati City
Contact Person (Reservation): Mr. Rolly Medina (Old City Hall Building)
Contact Number: 899-8915
Contact Person/Head Security (Makati Park): Mr. Maligaya
Contact Number: 881-7849
Rating: 9

The Venue: Makati Park and Garden

We initially planned to have the party in a venue somewhere in Quezon City but decided to have it in Makati Park instead when we learned that it would cost us lesser to hold it there. We’ve attended a kiddie party in the same pavillion two years ago and we fell in love with the place. It is easy to locate (just near our home), it has an ample parking space, serene and well maintained park, spacious, uniquely shaped and air conditioned pavillion. The semi-indoor fountain and indoor plants in the middle were a plus and were so apt with Asher’s Jungle Safari Theme. Venue rental and peso power wise, I give it a 10. Rate is Php 5000 for Makati residents and Php 7000 if otherwise. Customer service wise of those persons in charge, never mind (that’s why I don’t give them a perfect 10). Since it’s a public park, reservation or permission must be sought from the City Hall which is about 15 minutes drive from the park. The OIC could hardly be reached and his female colleagues weren’t approachable (typical government office mood/setup..you know what I mean..no offense to the government office workers out there). The first time we went there at 2:30 PM, the OIC is on a lunch break still and no one (not even his assistant) knows what time will he be back. Nobody could entertain us so we decided to come back some other day. On the party day itself, the head security was difficult to talk with. Days before the party, I asked permission to set up as early as about 8-9 AM. They permitted that we can start with the setup early since there’s no booked morning event. When Jacque’s staff came at about 8 am, they prohibited them from starting to setup saying, initially, that there MIGHT be a baptism event at 11 am. Funny, noh? I asked them over the phone if there’s such a thing as an unconfirmed reservation on the day itself. They just retorted that we can only start at 11 AM sharp. After hearing the mass, we hurried to the venue at 10 AM and checked Jacque’s staff. I was able to talk with the head security himself, this time, he’s saying that they prohibited them from starting early because there might be a surprise audit by the COA. All the more that I was displeased with their reasoning inconsistency. At any rate, I didn’t argue with him anymore and I refused to get stressed that early. I just hope that they will be clear and true to their word next time.

**Venue Styling: Partyboosters
Site: http://www.partybooster.multiply.com
Contact Person: Jacque Tan
Contact Number: 0917-898-5227 / 0922-888-7739
Email: partyboosters.inquiry@gmail.com
Rating: 10++++

The Balloon Burst. Jungle Safari Themed Stage.
The Balloon Centerpiece (Plus the African Jungle Themed Table Names) Animal Standees.
DSC_0157 DSC_0157

Ask the guests how they find the dressed up venue and they will answer in unison….it’s “bongga”!!! And I owe it all to a good friend, Jacque of Partyboosters. Jacque and I have been friends since our W@wie days (a wedding e-group). We were both December 2005 brides then and even after our weddings, we constantly exchanged e-group mails and regularly meet together along with our CWL barkada. And so when she ventured into this balloon business last year, we knew right then that the CWL babies need not to worry about their parties anymore. Friendship aside, I would give her a 10++ rating for the services she rendered for Asher’s party. I couldn’t think of the perfect superlative word that can best describe of how she turned the pavillion into a colorful, festive and jungle-lific party venue. She perfectly understood my OC-ness and kaartehan and she gladly infused my ideas and suggestions to hers. The guests keep on saying that the setup was “bongga” but actually, it’s not as expensive as they think. The kids loved the balloons especially the mylars, squiggles, tree pillars and shrubs, the centerpieces and those latex safari print balloons which Jacque pooled into big bunches. In fact, the guests, specifically the adults, started grabbing the balloons even if the party isn’t over yet. It’s just funny to see everyone going home with gigantic tree pillars in tow and friends texting me that their kids are sleeping that night with animal mylars on their side. True to their business name, thanks Partyboosters for “boosting up” Asher’s party with your brilliant setup.

**Caterer (Adults): Queensland Catering
Number of Pax: 150
Site: http://www.queenslandcatering.com/
Contact Person: Micca Yee
Contact Number: 401-9955 / 820-7223
Rating: 10

Queensland Food. Queensland's Meal.

I’ve pooled three well recommended caterers from fellow N@Wies and GirlTalkers as our choices but since they are all at par food quality wise, cost was the deciding factor and Queensland stood out to be the most economical. Another advantage is that they have a satellite office at nearby Glorietta 3 where I dealt with Micca, their courteous AE everything from booking, to food selection to payment. What I like about them is that they’re flexible in terms of menu selection; they don’t demand exclusivity or bill corkage fees. Micca was also proactive in advising the things that are exclusive of their package so we can allot for it: vegetable dish, softdrinks, water, plastic and styro disposables for left over foods, etc. I’ve read previous negative feedbacks about their waiters some not wearing uniforms so that’s what I emphasized with Micca. Their waiters were all presentable and courteous, especially the head waiter who took actions right away when I give out instructions or I request something. Queensland regularly caters at Makati Park so they already know where to setup everything, the restrictions and others. And of course the food, it was superb especially the Pork Spareribs in BBQ Sauce. I could’ve gone for a second round but since I, being the party host, need to attend to and entertain the guests, I just assured my tummy that I’ll devour the left over foods we’d take home. I had about 150 guests and truly, their buffer was more than what they said as we were still able to take home tons of them.

**Caterer (Kids): CCME Homemade Food Stuff
Number of Pax: 50
Site: http://www.homemadefoodstuff.com/
Rating: 10

CCME meals for the kids.

I didn’t order the kiddie foods from Queensland because it was way beyond my budget and so I scoured for alternatives. I thought of ordering Jollibee meals but my calculator yielded a message that ordering from CCME would be more economical: more food at less cost. Ordering and dealing with them was fast, easy and hassle-free. I’ve tried and tasted their food before so I know they won’t disappoint me. Their group packages are inexpensive and flexible likewise. They also delivered on time. I also ordered Chopseuy from CCME since my chosen Queensland meal package didn’t have a vegetable dish for the adults. Queensland was generous enough to provide for free extra chaffing dish for the chopseuy.


  1. Noreen Montemayor says:

    im glad i’ve read your blog, been looking for suppliers and venues for my daughter’s 1st bday. will be contacting your suppliers soon. by the way, the song Swept Away is also my husband and i’s theme song. =)

  2. Tracy Piamonte says:

    I am looking for a party supplier and venue for my daughter’s 1st birthday on July 30. Please contact me via e-mail. Thanks!

  3. Aira Hernandez says:

    Im so glad i stumbled upon your site while scouting for possible suppliers for my son’s 1st birthday on December, the reviews are superb (i even want to get the same set of suppliers btw) :), your party’s really great, kudos to u mom!

  4. grace says:

    hi there! i have that same ideas po, the venue and queensland to cater my daughter\’s 1st birthday on december. and now, i want this whole idea. i mean, i really need a big help. can i ask, how much did you spend for the while event? thanks!

  5. Bherlyn Joy says:

    Hi, super loved your party ideas. I’ve been searching for blogs that can guide me in choosing party suppliers and events.
    My little Atha though she’s a girl, she loves animals so i’m planning to set a safari party just like yours. Thank you for adding contacts on your blog.

  6. Michelle says:

    Hi, Mommies!

    For people considering Makati Park and Garden as their venue, you may want to read about our not-so-good experience about it.


    Net, we were bumped off from our reserved time slot even if we were already fully paid. Reservation does not actually guarantee usage of the facility on the reserved date/time – there’s always a possibility you’ll get bumped off. Sometimes its inexpensive rental fee is not worth the uncertainties and the hassle one needs to go through to book the venue. We’re sharing this experience so that hopefully others don’t go through this same situation.

  7. Pau says:

    its good to know that they have satellite office at Glorietta! Will definitely drop by to personally inquire for my sisters’ wedding next year.
    thank you for your blog, Mai! :)

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