1st Birthday Party Supplier Ratings – Part 3

Since I am in the mood to continue and before the momentum breaks, here’s my Part 3 of the Supplier Ratings. Part 1 is here and Part 2 here.

Now on to the smaller knick knacks of the party:

Chocolate Fountain: c/o Asher’s Ninang Paula
Rating: 10+++++++

The Chocolate Fountain.
Chocolate Coated Apples. The Apple Balls.
The Chocolate Fountain.

Just as the song goes, the best things in life are free. And definitely, this gift of Ninang Paula to Asher was heaven. A week before the party, I received a text message from my dear friend informing me that she’ll sponsor the chocolate fountain and it will be her gift for his beloved inaanak. Of course, I was ecstatic because I didn’t avail any regular party food booths so this would do, I figured. She owns this 4-layered machine and she gladly lent it for the party. She together with his fiance Joseph, were the ones who set up and prepared everything from the choco melting/diluting, dippers slicing and fruit coating (check out the choco coated apple picture) and up to packing up. There were a lot of guests who came in early so even before the party started, the chocolate was drained up to the last drop. The husband and I didn’t even get to taste it. It was a hit that my twitter buddies are now craving and wanting for a chocolate fountain party for our next meet up. But ironically, they’re also stashing some weight loss pills now.

Facepainter: c/o Partyboosters
Website: http://www.partyboosters.multiply.com
Rating: 10++++

Face Painting Booth. Matthew having his arm painted.

Another knick knack that was a hit for the kids. A lot of the kids had their faces and arms painted, even little Asher managed to have one in his arm. Actually, itinakas ng brother ko from me. The program’s through already and yet, there still was a queue of kids waiting. Poor face painter he wasn’t able to eat so I just gave him a take home meal plus a tip, of course.

Back-up Photographers: My Twitter Friends
Rating: 10+++++++++++++++++

The SLR Moms.
Back up Photog in action. Hehehe! Si Jojo.
SLR Moms still in action. John is taking a pic of Alpha and Alpha is taking a pic of John. Hehe!

The friendship and bonding with my Twitter buddies (whom I get to chat with everyday) is one of the nicest things that I’m most thankful for in my online world. Not only we get to read each others’ blogs, chat, share and listen to rants and raves, exchange mommy and wifey thoughts, enjoy our common interests in moolah earning blog entries, digiscrapping, online shopping and photography everyday in the Twitter World, we are also one in our miseries and triumphant for every success and celebrations we jubilate. Haba ng intro…haha! Well, they aren’t actually our suppliers because I didn’t book them in the first place (because I want them to come and enjoy the party as guests). Even without me asking, automatic yan they are equipped with the SLRs so just imagine how everyone was busy uploading, commenting and waiting for each uploaded pic in our Flickr galleries right after the party. Photography and Digiscrapping are two of the things that bind us..after all, it is in our Bebot digiscrapping forum where we started and met. So what do you expect, artistic silang lahat and they all have the eye for photography especially the husband and wife tandem of Alpha and Jojo. As mentioned previously, John took a few snapshots of the party details but Alpha, Jojo and the rest of the gang compensated it with magnificent shots. Even John Aguas was amazed and delighted to see a group of (sexy) moms each busily focusing and clicking their SLRs. By the way, Alpha and Jojo are planning to take photography to a higher level so should you wish to get them as back up photographers for your parties, do get them.

Ice Cream Cart: Pagsinohin Ice Cream
Rating: 10++++

Ice Cream Cart.

We’re so lucky to spot Mang Junior a few days before the party. He’s the ice cream vendor who regularly rounds our village in the afternoon and just lives nearby. When I inquired and learned that his services are less expensive than those of the party planners, I immediately booked him. I paid Php 300 DP and we exchanged contact numbers. Since he has another morning event on the party date ( ha daming bookings din ni kuya), he sent his son to serve and man their ice cream cart. They arrived one and half hour before the party, super aga. Hehe! Aside from the chocolate fountain, the ice cream was a big hit too to the kids and older ones.

Giveaways for the Adults: Personalized Chocolate from Choclittalk
Website: http://choclittalk.com/
Contact Person: Rico
Contact Details: choclittalk@yahoo.com.ph / (632) 744 3223 / 0910 9106243
Rating: 10+++++

Read the Nutrition Facts!!!!
Personalized Chocolate. Asher's Chocolate.

One of Asher’s party suppliers who were easiest to deal with. With the help of my Twitter friend, Caryl who I consulted as I initially planned of designing, printing and wrapping the chocos myself, we stumbled upon this custom made chocolate supplier a month before the party. Rico was polite, flexible, prompt and very patient with my inquiries. Actually, their site, as is, is already very informative and helpful but Rico’s customer service all the more made them a commendable supplier. I’ve collected a number of personalized chocolate local suppliers but Choclittalk stood the cheapest. Since I was an OC party host, I was the one who made the design (including the nutrition facts) to concur and harmonize with the other DIYed stuffs like invites, tarpaulin backdrop, etc. I just sent the layout via email and Rico was the one who fitted it to their template for printing. They also did the chocolate themselves…it’s home made. The printing and packaging was superb. Payment and shipping arrangements are flexible. Nice colors, wrapper quality, packaging..all in all it was superb. And the taste? Of course it was heaven (premium brown flavor)! I ordered two variants: premium brown and cookies n’ cream. Too bad, I didn’t get to taste cookies n’ cream, I heard it’s the best. I knew that it would be gone in an instant so I hid a few for myself even before I distributed them. And oh, Asher’s name was also imprinted on the chocolate bar itself. Cool!

Guest Sheets: c/o my Bebot and Twitter Buddies ate JennyL and Diane
Rating: 10++++

The Guest Sheets.

Asher is truly blessed because I have artistic friends who volunteered to scrap his party guest sheets. I would have done them myself but my hands were already full of the party preps so I was glad that ate Jen and Diane came to the rescue. Ate Jen created 3 layouts while Diane was so inspired that she made 8. Unfortunately, the shipping from Artscow for Diane’s layouts didn’t make it on time at Kathy’s place (who ordered it for me at Artscow). If you like their designs and should you wish to hire their services, just let me know and I’ll forward their contact details.

Part 4 and final installment to follow.


  1. { Jhari } says:

    Nice photos Sis. Twitter Mommies aka “DSLR Mommies” din ba?
    I love the chocolate fountain. Sana maging ganyan din ka-successful ang 1st bday ni Julia ko.

  2. Alma Fausto says:

    Hi Mommy Mai!

    You were such a great party planner. I admire your being into details. I learned so much from your blog and is considering your suppliers for the 7th birthday of my boy. :-) He loves animals so our theme will be jungle theme too.

    Thanks so much for the inputs!

    Alma Fausto

    PS I was also a W@Wie. Got married in 2002. :-)

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