1st Birthday Party Supplier Ratings – Part 2

Another overdue post.

The first part which consists of the venue, venue styling and catering reviews are here. Pardon if it’s really taking me so long to finish this.

**Host/Magician: Flooch
Booked through Partyboosters
Rating: 10++++

The Host and Magician: Flooch.
DSC_4214 DSC_4233
DSC_4129 DSC_1839

Flooch is one of the major reasons why the party was a HUGE success. He surely succeeded in entertaining (to the fullest) not only the kids but also those young at hearts. He is very articulate (English speaking), very spontaneous, very much skilled, absolutely no dull moment with his entertainment. The kids loved each second and every portion of his magic tricks and other antics. I wasn’t able to watch fully the program proper as I was busy entertaining and chitchatting with some friends and guests but nevertheless, everyone was all praises for him after the party that it got me so anxious to watch the video. Luckily, John sent the edited video yesterday and I was amazed with his tricks. Nakakatuwa talaga and I can’t help but laugh with his pranks and jokes. His games were also one of a kind and I love that he had every kid participated by holding games according to age bracket. Overall, I give him two thumbs up for his service. Days before the party he informed me (through Jacque) that he might arrive a little bit late because he has a booking before ours. He arrived about 15 minutes before the party call time but we still started on time. He was so swift and was able to setup his sound system and props quickly. We were also able to discuss the program flow but unfortunately I wasn’t able to emphasize that we’d have a thank you speech towards the end of the program. (I thought kasi standard na yun in every program.) Well anyway, I can’t blame him entirely kasi the crowd got a little bit unruly na at the end part at pinagkaguluhan ang mga balloons, decors and the cute cupcakes. Nevertheless, the program was a big success and kudos to Flooch for that.

Photo and Video: John Aguas Photography
Contact Person: John Aguas
Website: http://www.johnaguas.com
Contact Details: johnaguas@yahoo.com / 0920-983-2364 / 0922-257-3469 / 994-0345
Rating: 10

DSC_1170 In action. Litzie in action. Si Lola Lily tuwang-tuwa. DSC_4240 DSC_4150
John isn’t obviously any of these subjects since he’s the one behind the lens and captured these candid moments which are his forte.

If you followed my party preps entries, you would remember that John wasn’t my first choice. I first inquired from a popular and very demanded photographer among my fellow n@wies but I was dismayed with how this supplier corresponded to me via email. John, on the other hand, was otherwise. He was very prompt and courteous either email or text. And because of that, I was inclined to get him since mabagal nga yung isa magreply. Later, fate has it that we’d get John talaga kasi Photog A was booked. We were pleased with John’s output: both the pictures and the video. He was able to take shots of everything although I should have emphasized earlier to get plenty close up shots of the party details. Nevertheless, okay lang since my reliable all-SLRed-twitter buddy guests-turned-back up photographers were able to capture more photos (especially Jojo and Alpha..the next Karl and Mimi tandem). They arrived in the venue early and were able to capture each guests as they came. If I saw and remember correctly, his team consists of 2 back-up photographers and of course the videoman. Initially, I only booked his photography (labor only) services as we didn’t allot a budget for the video. But later on, we realized that having a video of the party is a must to document this once in a lifetime event fully. One week before the party, we contracted his video services as well. I so loved the editing of the video. We received it yesterday and I had fun reminiscing the party. Nice music selection (jungle-themed kiddie intro song as well) and for the rate we have paid, it’s all worth it.

Cake: Sugarbox
Contact Person: Emily Uy
Contact Details: 4952065 / emilyu@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.ilovesugarbox.com
Rating: 10+++++

The Jungle Mania Cake by Sugarbox
The Round Cake. The Cupcakes.
The Animal Cuppies. Monkey.

The birthday cake is one of my least concerns during the party preps because I knew then that I’m covered. I didn’t have any other supplier in mind other than my ever reliable cake maker, Emily Uy. She made our wedding cake in 2005 and she also did Asher’s baptismal cake last year. Suki na kumbaga…tried and tested. I knew that I wouldn’t have a hard time booking and availing her services. So the moment I saw the Jungle Mania cake in her gallery, I emailed and texted her right away for a quotation and booked her consequently. The cake has all the exact details I have in mind…the bright jungle colors, the animal concept, the satellite/tiered style..everything. It’s perfect period. The rate she gave me is also way below I expected the cake to cost, much to the “manager’s”/husband delight. The cake consists of 100 pieces of cupcakes, each with gumpaste animal toppers, plus a round one that served as the main “topper” of the satellite cake. As always, Emily was easy to deal with and I’m so glad that she accommodated my order as I’ve heard she’s busy and overbooked as ever. She also gladly obliged to my request that we just settle the balance on the day, when normally it should be fully paid a week before the event. Her uniformed crew also arrived early and so they had ample time to setup the cake. I don’t know if they stayed or just came back towards the end of the party as there were two of them who assisted in repacking each cupcake for distribution to the guests. Even before Flooch was able to wrap the program up, they were already stormed by the over eager crowd each asking for cupcakes. The cupcakes were chocolate flavored and the guests’ verdict: yummo! I wasn’t able to taste the cupcakes since there were nothing left for us. What we have though is the bigger round cake which is the yummiest butter flavored cake I’ve ever tasted. I also love the green frosted icing she made into grasses and tree leaves…it was not too sweet but just right. Buti na lang, I have a skinny figure so I can load up sweets as much as I want to without any diet pressure or worries. ‘Til the next birthday cake, Emily. :)

Up Next…Part 3 and (hopefully) the last installment of the Ratings..