The First Airplane Ride.

I know I have posted the “should be” order of the pending blog updates I am to make but the disorganized me is impartial as there are events that I’m so excited to blog the soonest like our Bora trip. I was ecstatic for the little one as it was his first ever airplane ride and beach experience. For this entry, let me share to you how his plane ride was and our general flight experiences.

We booked our December getaway as early as June but still, the agency had a tough time getting us a nice flight schedule. And so our flight was sort of disarrayed and hassle entailing. We flew via Cebu Pacific on our way to Boracay via Caticlan then rode Philippine Airlines via Kalibo on our way back to Manila. I wished to fly via the Caticlan route back and forth since it’s much nearer to the island (although a bit more expensive) but it’s just next to impossible when booking a trip for a travel peak month.

Here are some pictures of our airplane ride on our way to Boracay.

Terminal 3.In the Airport
Gate 132.Pamilya.
DSC_0054 Boarding the plane.

It’s all our first time to set foot on the very much controversial NAIA Terminal 3. True enough, it’s much more spacious and more high tech and modern than the old domestic airport. Much colder too but several portions are still pending for completion. The only not-so-okay with it for me is that you have to walk a long way to get to the boarding gates. I also noticed that their airport transport services are much better in terms of location. We were supposed to ride them when we got back to try and see if they’re as good as NYC airport car service but we opted for the non-airport metered ones since we were on the 3rd level where they are located. Go Airlink Shuttles offer exceptional airport transfer service with a large fleet of modern, 10-seat vans complete with luxurious-like separate luggage space, air-conditioning/heating, driver two-way radio dispatch and customer assistance in every terminal at JFK, EWR and LGA.

The flight to Bora was fast and easy. Easy because the little one behaved so well that I didn’t have a hard time taking care of him all throughout the flight. He didn’t throw a fit or showed discomfort of ear popping and all perhaps because I did right what’s supposed to be done when flying in a plane with an infant. During take off and landing when there’s an immense change in altitude and pressure, I just nursed him so his constant sucking balanced out the pressure. Further, the safety instruction card tucked in seats kept him busy all throughout the flight.

DSC_0082Getting ready for take off.
Plane landed.On our way to the jetty port.

After a close to an hour trip from Manila, the plane landed in Caticlan at about 1 PM. We were picked up by Island Star Express’ bus and were transported to the Jetty Port where we rode a Fast Craft to get to the island. By 2 PM, we were already at the hotel.

On our way back, as I’ve mentioned entailed a little more hassle. We checked out of the hotel at 12 noon, went to the Jetty Port via a Fast Craft ferry again then rode a bus for a 2-hour trip bound to Kalibo. When we got there in the check-in counter, I needed to go to the PAL’s Ticketing Office which was located in another building (a few meters away from the airport) for Asher’s ticket. This is the hassle that I was pertaining to. I just couldn’t get the point why they didn’t issue his infant ticket long before when they issued ours in Manila just like Cebu Pacific did. Further, we had to pay about Php 150 for his ticket even though he doesn’t occupy any seat (no infant fare with Cebu Pacific). But in fairness, the PAL’s crew was a lot friendlier compared to the Cebu Pacific flight that we had, in my opinion. PAL also gave us a little refreshment while Cebu Pacific just held a game.

Just like the first, Asher’s flight back was also fun. In fact, he was being his active self playing with two foreigner kids seated at the back. The trip took longer though before the plane landed down due to air traffic among planes waiting for the go signal to land from the Air Traffic Office at the Terminal 3.

I wonder when our next airplane ride will be. By that time perhaps, Asher will more appreciate the experience.


  1. delish says:

    kainggit naman, si yakee hasn’t been on a plane ride yet… and I haven’t been on a plane for 2 years na!!!

    tas yung mga travel plans namin this year… affected ng family plans ni hubs and belt tightening (and wish for another baby, hehe) 😀

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