The “Cook” In Me.

I like cooking. BUT I like and find joy more in eating than cooking. LOL.

I guess this is a drawback if you grew up with a helper in the household. Added to that, we grew up without a mom by our side – there’s no one to teach us home economics. My siblings and I aren’t that quite accustomed with kitchen utensils. Of course, somehow, I know the basics of cooking like how to fry and how to cook rice the traditional way (the term “gatang” and measuring through the lines in the fingers and all). I also know some basic cooking terms –thanks to our Cooking class way back High School years. But ask if I know how to cook the common Pinoy viands like adobo, sinigang, nilaga..niyahaha! I’m shamefaced. I really love to learn how to do it but sometimes too much online works and babysitting tasks get in the way before lunch time that I barely have time to do it. Further, I have tried several recipes before (weeks after getting married), with my fave cookbooks as my guide, that I even blogged about my own cooked meals. So don’t think that I am that totally idiotic about cooking. There’s my Pineapple Meatloaf, Chili Wings, Hot Burgers, Leftover Fried Rice, Pork Pina Humba (the husband’s favorite), Coleslaw, Pina Bistek and Breaded Pork Chops. Check out the pictures and recipes here.

Here’s even my own Carbonara that I cooked for our Christmas eve last December. This is the only recipe that I know by heart. Naks!

My Carbonara - 12.24.08

Ohh, I wonder when will I unearth my recipe books and start cooking new recipes again. What led me to blog about this in the first place? Perhaps if I browse about Le Creuset Tagines, infinite circulon sets and other cooking utensils more often, it might prompt me to get into some cooking groove.

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