Nail It With Nails Inc.

I’m one hundred percent sure that there is no other better gift to a “kikay” friend of mine than a set of a new nail polish for her precious long nails. Bold and loud colors to be exact. She’s celebrating her birthday tomorrow and before I totally forget about it and her gift, here I am, browsing Nails Inc. for wonderful recent collections that they have on site. So far, this is my top choice:

I may not be an expert with such beauty and glam stuffs but I know the colors will match my friend’s personality and I’m certain that she will fall head over heels in love with these fascinating colors. I’m also definite that she’d go gaga to have this in her collection especially that it’s marked as one of those Nails Inc limited editions. For such a cheap price, if only I’m also into such, I could have shopped a set for myself too. I rarely grow my nails long and I find applying nail polishes time consuming so I’m not really a nail color chic. I see to it though to have them cleaned and applied with natural polish as coating once in a while in the salon. Anyway, I might just buy this heavenly hand cream for me. It has an anti-aging ingredient co enzyme Q10- that helps the skin to remain firmer, smoother and more toned.