It’s only Thursday today but I’m feeling like it’s a Friday. Perhaps, because today’s the last day of the husband at work for this year. Actually, he’ll be home by 5 AM tomorrow since he’s tasked to man the overnight project deployment tonight. But after that, he’s on a holiday break yehey!

And what have I done today:
1. Finished all pending online works. Unless, I’d be able to grab a few more tonight.
2. Had a haircut. Not much difference though..I just have my previous layered style trimmed so it appears straight now. Didn’t cut it too short. Just by the shoulder level so I can still tie my hair up.
3. Went to Glorietta with Asher and his nanny (who by the way will be leaving tomorrow. It’s uncertain still if she can return by January. Sad but it’s okay. Stepmom will be here in a couple of weeks anyway so I have extra help in taking care of the super likot son that I have). We bought the little one a swimwear (the overall spandex one) for our Bora trip on the 27th.
4. Cooked Carbonara. A couple of friends (Asher’s Ninangs) are supposed to come for dinner but cancelled at the last minute. But it’s okay..we have the whole carbonara to feast on. Har har har.