The Bug.

Two weeks ago, it was just the husband. Then last week, I heard the in-laws and the little one’s cousin at Frisco coughing too. Just this Tuesday, I heard the little one sneezing which later on developed into colds (and now cough). Since yesterday, his nanny has been sniffling and coughing too. Looks like the bug has totally invaded the house except me. Let’s see if my antibodies will stand victor over this invasion.

But more than that, I’m really worried of my son contracting colds and cough again as this might cause or trigger another bronchial asthma bout. I’m deeply traumatized with what he underwent last month including his hospitalization so I’m really wishing that he gets well soon especially that our Baguio trip is just a few days away. Now I’m almost convinced that it’s not actually the common allergens that often cause his colds and cough but it’s brought about by the household members who refuse to take vitamins for their well-being and protection. Hay sana lang wag na kasi matigas ang ulo.