Meet Nikky.

And finally, he’s here. (Yes, it’s a boy).

Si Nikky.
Macro shot. Nikon converts na kami.
*Taken using the S3 IS (kaya grainy haha!)

Hubby and I finally have our common wedding-anniversary-and-Christmas-gift in one for each other. Meet Nikky. We welcome with so much joy our very new toy that will accompany us in capturing celebrations, emotions and memories of our little family from now on. We won’t be disposing our beloved S3 IS and it’s here to stay to serve as a back up and besides, its video feature has always been reliable. We don’t have a camcorder yet so all of Asher’s previous videos were taken using that.

The husband and I giddily took turns testing it upon getting home last night. And I’m so taken aback with all its lovely and crisp shots. Or perhaps, sanay lang ako sa grainy pics ni S3 IS haha! But seriously, I love the “angas” look when you hold it, the click sound and everything. Pro na pro ang dating. The features and settings on the menu are quite overwhelming at first but this gives me the reason to learn more about photography seriously. Read as: Aralin ang manual. The husband has started reading it last night. He’s far more excited actually than I am. In fact, he even dreamed of it last night.

We also bought a LCD protector and a Spirit Pop Up Diffuser (thanks Kathy!) since we don’t have a flash yet. We also didn’t buy another lens but we’ll save up for that though. We’ll practice with the 18-55 MM that’s included in the kit, for now.

So to my husband, hope you enjoy my gift to you as much as I enjoy your gift to me. Mwahaha! Advance Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas! And to Asher, I know you’ll more enjoy posing and smiling for us when we take pictures of you because of this new toy. πŸ˜€

And to my bebot and twittermates, tara lets, Photoshoot and tutorial EB na ito!


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