Recovered Delivery Pics.

You won’t guess how happy I was the other day when I discovered “a few precious things” in our Point and Shoot camera. Just a backgrounder, this Olympus Point and Shoot camera has been our first ever digital cam but became rarely used when our S3 IS (a semi-SLR) was purchased a year ago. We still use it occasionally but serves as a backup only when we want to bring a lighter one or if something suddenly goes wrong with the S3. When I gave birth to Asher, it was the P&S that I brought along in the Delivery Room. Husbands aren’t allowed inside the Delivery Room so we have no choice but to rely on the services of the anesthesiologist-slash-photographer. Since the S3 is bulky and the features may appear complicated for the anesthesiologist so it’s really the P&S that I had to bring. And the P&S cam (and the anesthesiologist) didn’t disappoint me. I have lots of nicely shot delivery pics and they are really so precious that I almost cried when our external hard disk where I uploaded the pics got busted. We haven’t printed them yet so just imagine how disappointed I was when I lost them. I have a few in my online gallery but not all were uploaded.

And so back to my story about the other day. S3’s memory card was acting up that day and so I used the P&S to take pictures of all the packages that I received. I was all smiles and almost jumped in glee when I saw that my delivery pics are still all there, intact and complete. And so I told hubby that being pasaway sometimes do you good. You see, he always nags me to habitually erase the pics in the cam after uploading or transferring to the EHD to free up space. Buti na lang, di ako nakinig sa kanya nun. LOL.