My Artscow Prints Are Here.

It’s finally here. The package from Tsoi Wing Yip.


These are the photo prints that I ordered from Artscow last November 13. I initially worried where the package could have been after their latest committed lead time lapsed. Turned out, the package was to be picked up at the Postal Office and this I learned only after I received the parcel pick up notice yesterday. So I hurriedly excitedly claimed it a few hours later.

And here it is:


Excuse the straw yarn, Artscow neatly packaged it actually. Since it has to be claimed from the postal office, they need to open it before it’s released to the addressee. They have to so they’ll know if there’s a need for the shipped items to be charged of custom duties and taxes. As they’re just prints, no added taxes were collected from me except for the regular Php 35 parcel fee. This, I feel, is still debatable since for friends who ordered from Artscow recently, theirs were sent directly to their houses. When I asked the customs officer how come mine needs to be picked up from the PO, he said it has a customs declaration sticker and all parcels with such are subject to PO customs handling. This still is a puzzle to me as I’m sure Aggie’s and Diane’s have customs stickers on their packages, too. any rate, I didn’t bother to debate with PO personnel anymore as I’m more excited to get hold of my ordered prints. Only then I realized when they handed it to me, it weighed a ton. LOL. So the weight perhaps was the reason why they held it and had me claim it from the PO. I hope I’m correct with my guess as I await 2 more Artscow deliveries in the coming photo calendars and photobook. They’re both a lot lighter than 532 pieces of photo prints so I do look forward to receive them in my mailbox.

IMG_2370 IMG_2371

Our precious pictures. Half of them is Kathy’s that’s why you can see Olin there. To Kathy, I’ll be shipping your pictures through LBC within the day. I sorted a few of yours and despite the low resolution Artscow warned of your pics, they printed it fine surprisingly. Some are a tad pixelated, but onti lang and pwede na rin.

Now my verdict, for a $0.06 price per 4R print, Artscow delivers well. It’s printed on Fuji Film Frontier Crystal Archive photographic paper and chemistry, thus, the high quality and actually, they’re almost the same as Kodak’s except that Artscow’s paper is a bit thinner in my opinion. Even at Php 50 dollar conversion, the 6 cents worth is a steal pa rin. I’ll definitely order more prints from them in the months to come.

Asher, at 8 months, has already over 700 prints in three thick albums. It seems that we’re putting up a library filled with Asher photo albums huh? LOL.


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