A Wedding and a Handsome Little Boy.

With a nannyless & well dressed up little Asher in tow, we attended his Ninang Ena’s wedding at Sto. Domingo Church yesterday morning. Ena is a long time schoolmate of both hubby and me. He was hubby’s college classmate and until now, we get to see her often because they’re colleagues and working together in one team at Accenture. Their Japanese Anime inspired wedding is simple, attended by just a little over hundred…yet very solemn and momentous. And as always with every wedding that I attend, I got teary-eyed and touched while the bride marched down the loooong aisle of Sto. Domingo. How long it was…sakto ang buong kanta ng “Ikaw” with her march from the entrance up to the altar. Sulit ang pagparade ng gown. LOL. A tad hot inside but the little one was able to sleep during the ceremony. Medyo KJ nga lang ang priest, for some reason, he didn’t announce “You may now kiss the bride” after the mass leaving the couple unknowing and clueless what to do next. Although, it follows naman pero isn’t that the line that culminates everything? Anyway, it was one of the priest’s assistant (I dunno if he’s also a priest or just a lay minister), who just delivered the line.

After the mass, we headed to Betty’s Restaurant for the reception which is just a stone’s throw away from the church. The buffet food was great especially the carbonara, fish fillet and a pork dish that I don’t know how it’s called. I was yearning for a round two sana but I got shamefaced of what my tablemates would think of me. Besides, the little one was already demanding for me, maka-Mommy sobra. After dining, everyone settled down to watch the couple and their band perform. Since they are so into Japanese cartoon TV flicks, Ena sang a song from their favorite Anime show…much to the entertainment of everyone eventhough nobody understood a word. Wala kasing sub-title. LOL. Here are some of our pics from the celebration.

IMG_2318 IMG_2317
While waiting for the ceremony to start

IMG_2325 At Ninang Ena's Wedding - 11/22/08
The little one was asleep throughout the ceremony proper.

IMG_2332 IMG_2336
My little handsome prince charming in his Gymboree polo shirt. Walang magawa kasi kaya paglaruan na lang ang brag bangle ni Mommy

IMG_2338 IMG_2339
Wala pa rin siyang magawa kaya paglaruan ang kalbong ulo ni Daddy o kaya kumain ng sapatos.

At Ninang Ena's Wedding - 11/22/08 IMG_2349
Hay salamat binigyan ako ng mapaglalaruan at biscuit.

The newlyweds.

The cake details. The couple’s into anime and techie gadgets.

At Ninang Ena's Wedding - 11/22/08At Ninang Ena's Wedding - 11/22/08
Tulog ulit..na-knockout. 😀


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