Tempted to Try VA Jobs.

It’s been more than four months since I resigned from my work and turned into a full time Mom. If I were to ask if I miss working in a corporate world, my answer would be partly “yes” but more of a “no” or “not yet”. No, because motherhood is my world now and I enjoy, albeit tough, each and every moment that I’m with my son. Partly yes mainly because of, with all honesty, the hefty pay I used to receive every 15th and 30th of the month. Although I earn from my blogging ventures, our pooled funds now aren’t that much to equate the amount we jointly put into our savings account when we were both working. Actually, the husband’s pay check alone is enough to raise our little family but with the economic difficulty that we’re all facing, I’m taking the initiative to help the husband by resorting to each blogging biz opportunities that I get hold of in my spare time. Now, at least, we have some moolah to splurge on our occasional whims and fancies. But this venture isn’t heaven though at all times. There are some “drought” days so to speak. And it is during these times when I’m almost convinced to try other online jobs that my qualifications and work experience in the corporate world may be relevant like those of Virtual Assistant stints just so to have a steady flow of income while working at home.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) provides remote administrative, technical or creative support to clients to anywhere in the world through the Internet, e-mail and phone call conferences and other online work spaces. My previous research about a Philippine-based VA staffing agency entails that it charges its client at a minimum monthly fee of $675 for a Virtual Assistant and $625 for a Link Builder which, I think, is related to my blogging biz. Now I just don’t know how much portion of it goes to the hired staff since this is an agency. But looking at those mentioned figures, it’s really tempting to try it out. I’m just quite adamant because this is entirely new to me so I don’t know if I’d be able to meet their requirements on time to be allotted and its ins and outs. Of course, mommy duties to Asher would still be my top priority. Well, let’s just see. I’ll prepare my online resume. Hope it’ll be as good, extensive and convincing as that of Daniel Neumeister‘s who is a multi-talented healthcare executive and has expertise in areas of physician and board development, implementing organizational change, healthcare industry mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing, and financial management for medical centers and community hospitals. His qualifications and work experience are remarkable. Check out his online folio for more about him.

For the mean time and if my current online ventures further recede, I might pursue this full time Work-at-home job.

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