Weekend Highlights.

Honestly, the weekend seemingly just went by without me noticing and feeling its presence. Asking how come? Just read on..

Friday Night – The usual night drive to my in-laws’ place but prior heading to Frisco, we dropped by at Funeraria Paz in Araneta to visit the wake of a High School classmate’s Dad who died because of various complications from Cirrhosis. Our class is still closely-knit until now and Dennis was one of my closest friends back in Senior High School year that’s why in unfortunate events like these we take time to get together and extend our sympathy.

Saturday morning – On mommy duty breaks-slash-while the one little one sleeps, I rushed a number of expiring opps.

Saturday noon – We went to Crossings Supermarket to shop a few supplies for Asher (rice cereals, bath shampoo, diapers, etc). I also grabbed a copy of the Moms Today Sept-Oct issue at the bookstore. And of course, our Crossings trip won’t be complete without us taking home for snacks the best tasting siomai I ever had. Had 8 pieces of siomai and rice for merienda..one happy tummy here. If you’re near Crossings or happen to set foot here soon, you must try Siomai House. It’s just Php 25 for 4 pieces, the sizes are quite big and the taste..superb! Way better, cheaper and yummier than Hen Lin’s.

We then proceeded to our suki furniture shop in Munoz to canvass as we’re replacing our bed with a King sized one. We just have to because hubby and I are literally running out of sleeping space because of the little one who occupies most and orbits around the bed. We found a king size bed frame for Php 3200 but we didn’t concur with their mattresses as we found it too costly. We decided to check out mattresses at Uratex first since the showroom is just a stone’s throw away from the said shop. And just as we thought, their foams are indeed much cheaper so we scheduled to come back next weekend to buy the frame from Mang Eddie then the mattress from Uratex.

We were supposed to attend a wedding later in the afternoon of a friend at Alabang but something came up so we didn’t push through.

Saturday evening – Continued finishing expiring opps as soon as I lulled the little one to deep slumber. Working on a Saturday night is not my idea of a perfect weekend but I just need to. These blessings rarely occur so I struck while the iron is hot.

Sunday morning – We picked up my elder sister from Makati then we went to Ysabelle in EDSA for our scheduled gown measurement taking. And it dawned on me that my eldest sister’s wedding is just four months away. Ang bilis talaga ng panahon. I’m gonna be her Matron of Honor by the way.

Then afterwards, we went to Pasig to visit the wake my sister’s boyfriend’s Dad. He’s a police officer who got shot while on duty last Thursday morning in a shooting incident in Taguig. He sustained 3 gun shots and sadly, died in the hospital due to immense internal bleeding a few hours later. It’s very sudden and tragic but I’m amazed of his bravery, leadership and the love he has for his junior comrades. According to the other policemen who were with him on duty , he took the front that’s why he was shot instantly by the positioned gunman when they raided the scene of the crime. Read more of the story here. I heard that they also featured this in the news on TV last Thursday.

Sunday noon – Blogged a bit but my eyes drooped low so I took a nap too while the little one slept.

Sunday evening – Drove back to Makati.

So there my weekend has been fast, busy and tiring… and if I may add gloomy because of the two wakes we visited.

Hoping for a brighter week ahead.


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