My Own Workout Version.

Since we’ve been nannyless for a week already, Asher and I have adapted our own version of morning workout routine. We usually wake up around 7:30 AM, feeds if he desires, change nappies, then I eat breakfast with the Daddy. If it’s time for the Daddy to set out for work, I place him in his stroller and off we walk the Daddy up through the village gate. (He just commutes as his workplace is just a tricycle ride away). Then before we retreat back home, I expose him and let him enjoy the morning sun to get the sunshine vitamin nutrient. We usually stroll around the village twice so my morning walk while pushing his stroller serves as my workout. It might not be a full workout but at least I have a little form of exercise. I’d also like to jog however, I am not equipped with the proper “paraphernalias” such as jogging suits and a Bob stroller.

These are actually jogging strollers. There’s even this so-called Sport Utility Stroller, the Ironman, which lets one who’s into serious Iron Girl (or even Ironman) event training, go for a run or walk while babysitting. Look at those slick tires, they are designed as such to minimize resistance and the suspension style for easier maneuvering. So if you’re a Mom who’s into a fitness program, check this out.