Fifth Month.

August 2, 2008 – Asher turned five months old. Here’s a few pics of the celebration:


If in case, you’re wondering why the text “birthday” is missing on the cake..ask the forgetful Daddy. He was the one who wrote down the text on the slip.

Asher's 5th Month.

At five months, here are the milestone markers worth noting of:
* Weighs 6.8 Kilos
* Plays with his hands and feet
* Brings feet to mouth then sucks on toes
* Loves rolling over on either side
* Brings objects to mouth
* Cries if playing is disrupted
* Shows a strong attachment to Mommy
* Smooches mom’s cheeks then wets them with drool
* Squeals and laughs easily when tickled
* Giggles over Daddy’s joking silly face
* Turns quickly toward where the sounds come from
* Starts teething and is manifested by his excessive drooling, frequent poops and exhibits keen interest in foods. Looks like we now have to start browsing for high chairs on the web as he’ll be needing it soon.
* First one syllable babble – Mi mi

And lookie here..I scrapped it:

Milestone Markers - 5 Months

** b4uing1 ** Click on the picture to read the credits on my flickr.

I can’t believe how my lil Asher is growing up too fast. It seems it was just yesterday when we were choosing among the displayed cribs and preparing for his coming and now he’s so active already that gives us a hard time dressing him up or changing his nappies. He rolls over then prefers to lay down on his tummy. His bassinet will now have to be taken off the travel cots because he’s too big and active for it already.


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