On Breastfeeding.

“Breast milk is still best for babies up to two years.”

A must-reminder shown towards the end of baby milk formula commercials.

One of the reasons why I resigned from work is to directly and exclusively breastfeed my son. Now I just couldn’t get it why people here at home advise me to give Asher formula once in a while like he used to when I was working. I am focused on breastfeeding my little Asher (and will continue for as long as he’s and my supply’s willing) because of the following reasons:

1. Breast milk is an infection-fighter. The antibodies passed to the nursed baby lowers the occurence of many conditions, infections or illnesses such as ear infections, meningitis, respiratory infections, etc.

2. Breast milk is a “perfect food”. All the minerals and vitamins needed by a newborn is contained in the breastmilk. It likewise prevents the baby against diarrhea and constipation as it tends to be more easily digested than a formula milk.

3. Breast milk is costless. Formula is so expensive nowadays that you have to allot much for a month’s supply. Breastfed babies are less sick so there’d be fewer trips to the doctor which consequently means less medical expenses.

4. Breast feeding is more convenient. No bottles to wash and sterilize. Mom (or dad) doesn’t need to stand up at night to prepare a bottle. No warming up of bottles as breast milk is always at the right temperature.

5. Breast milk prevents childhood and adult obesity. According to studies, breast fed babies tend to gain less unnecessary weight which help them be less overweight later.

6. Breast fed babies are smarter. According to recent research, children who were exclusively breastfed for 6 months have 5 to 10 IQ points higher than formula fed ones.

7. Breast milk enhances mother-child connection. The skin-to-skin contact enhances the emotional connection between the mother and infant. Nothing beats the experience of such bonding.

Infant formula will still help the baby grow and there’s actually no right or wrong choice between the two. Nothing beats the advantages of breast milk though, not only for the baby but to the mother as well. And seeing Asher thriving very well characterized by his heaviness, activeness and happiness, I know I’m nourishing him well.


  1. elynn says:

    hi couz! we share the same sentiments/ideas on breastfeeding :) I’m willing to breastfeed Renzo as long as supplies last..hehe. I haven’t uploaded recent pictures of him yet but auntie greta told me magkahawig sila..parehong bilog na bilog..

  2. Mai says:

    Hello cousin! Kita ko newborn pics ni Renzo sa friendster mo at congrats at may baby boy na kayo. Naku bilog na bilog nga si Asher and nakuha ni Asher konting looks ng Olay. Lalo na nung pagkapanganak, kamukha nga daw ni Mommy Lolita ko hehe! atsaka ni Mac-mac. Ngayon nga, singkitin siya eh. Hehe! Regards and keep up the breastfeeding spirit. :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

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