Mommy Duty Calls and a Layout.

Finally I get to have some longer online “me” time now. Asher’s nanny is taking a brief vacation in the province and we’ll be nanny-less for the rest of the week. So there, my online time during the day will be limited as I need to attend to my little Asher who, by the way, now weighs 6.3 kilos as of his 4th monthly check-up last Saturday. It’s okay because I get a little help naman from my mom who’s here with us while the nanny is away. The problem is the little boy’s starting to be in the stage of “nangingilala” na, that’s why he’s a bit clingy to me lately. When he’s being carried by someone else, he would just suddenly shriek and cry as if he’s in pain but immediately settles down and even starts to smile as if nothing happened when I get and console him. Kinda tough as I can’t move around freely, not to mention muscle-aching because of his heaviness but it’s flattering least he now recognizes me as his Mom-the-protector-and-comforter as if making lambing to me.

I wasn’t able to go online this noon because we took a nap together for almost three hours. I got to open my lappy though while waiting for the little one to wake up and came up with this layout. Finally…a layout after a long digiscrapping break. I need to jumpstart my mojos and get it flowing since I’m tasked to design Asher’s cousin Kylie’s Baptism invites.


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