Blogging from Frisco.

It’s Saturday once again and for Asher, it spells a weekend stay at Lolo Jun’s and Lola Liz’s house here in Frisco. While the grannies are playing and being enamored with the little one as he now can socialize through his coos, here I am blogging in our room sweating heavily. Thanks (but no thanks) to the sweltering summer heat.

We’re off to the hospital later this noon for Asher’s monthly check-up with his pedia. Poor little one, he’ll gonna shriek again because of needle poke as he’s going to have his pentaxime vaccine. I wonder how much weight he gained in the recent weeks. He’s surely getting heavier and more active. I can’t still carry and cuddle him fearing that he might hit or kick my tummy incisions.

Just to make me feel cool (but certainly not my paypal), I’m browsing through digishops and forums in celebration of the {Inter}National Digiscrapping Day today. I have stuffed my carts in my fave digishops yesterday but so far, it’s only KMD that I checked out my purchases. I’m controlling my fingers not to proceed with my other filled carts or else, paypal’s gonna hurt big time. So for now, I’m happy and contented hunting for freebies.

By the way, I was inspired yesterday so I plugged in my external hard disk, opened my Photoshop, put my creative juices into use and the results? Six new layouts! I’ll gonna post the credits later.

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May 2008 Wallpaper Mom's Love

Miracle of Life The Day.

I was browsing through my pregnancy pics folder when I suddenly reminisced my pregnancy memories – wearing maternity clothes, cravings, aversions, enormous tummy, baby kicks inside and all sorts of those things. It was a tough yet fun rollercoaster nine months of journey. I just need to find some time and do them all before I get back to work.

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