Busy Days.

The title of this first ever song I sang to my dear Asher is very apt to my daily Mommy schedule. Albeit a graduation song, I love singing this when I lull him to sleep. I bet he loves it too kasi he falls asleep naman eventhough Mommy is not a singer. :)

busy days we have spent
with our crayons and pencils
drawing objects, counting numbers
learning our abc’s
we can write our names
spell them out loud and clear
we can sing songs of love
to our baby jesus dear
dearest daddy and mommy
we thank you sincerely
here in st. paul kindergarten
we’re as happy as can be

as we bid goodbye
to the toys we have now
with ever grateful hearts
in our uniforms we bow

Incidentally, this was also the background song in Baby A’s 4D ultrasound video. Hope, I can find and download an MP3 of this soon so I can add among the Children Songs Collection that I play for Asher.


  1. jayzanne says:

    waaaaahhh I remember this song. Little Hearts Angel naman yung school namin nung preschool. Ewan ko kung coincidence lang, nung kinanta ko to nung nabasa ko post mo, gumalaw si Baby J hahaha.

  2. Jayme says:

    Congrats for a safe delivery Mai and belated happy birthday! :) Hmm.. di ako masyadong familiar with this song. My Jamaine loves “Rainbow Connection.” :)

  3. Jas Willerer says:

    Yey, I’ve been looking for lyrics to this song! Finally and so hapilly found you. I now have a baby and sing “lalala” to some some lyrics I forgot. I’m from St Paul too so it’s nice to see one with those exact words.

  4. Mai says:

    Hi Jas,

    Glad to be of help.

    It’s just recently I found out that this song is more commonly known as Lullaby and Goodnight (Brahms Lullaby) and yes, just like your baby, this is my 4-month-old son’s favorite, too. There are actually so many variations of the lyrics of this song.

    I graduated from St. Paul Makati, how about you?

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