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March 3, 2014

Piano Lessons

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My daughter’s at the perfect age to begin exposing her in the musical world. She dances every time she hears music. Give her an improvised drum or a xylophone toy, she will happily bang it and is able to produce a beat. Piano may also be a good instrument to introduce. Speaking of pianos, I still recall that we used to have this little battery-operated Casio piano when we were still kids. It was my sister who taught me how to play piano chords and among the first song I learned to play was The Sound of Music Theme Song Do-Re-Mi. I didn’t get to further enhance this and I wish I should have taken lessons and learn piano chords when I was in Grade School.

At any rate, I discovered that there’s a website offering piano lessons for beginners and for busy adults. Perhaps the time has come to get my kids their musical instrument similar to my first piano from musicians friend and start nurturing their inclination to music.

January 29, 2014

Music Lover Ashley

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Ashley absolutely loves music the way her Kuya does.  Whenever she hears upbeat and fast songs, she moves her head and sways her body while waving her hand endlessly to the beat.  Or she moves gracefully side to side.  That’s her way of dancing.   Her favorite dance songs at the moment are mostly Hi-5 songs and What Does the Fox Say.  Well, basically, these are the songs that she frequently hears from her Kuya.  In fact, I posted a video of her on my Facebook where she “danced” to Hi-5’s Amazing song.   I’ll see if I can upload it here one of these days.  I hope she continues to be interested and grows up loving Music.  I wouldn’t mind buying her instruments and other stuff like Bose headphones just to nurture for this fun interest.

January 15, 2014


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I’ve been tremendously down the past few days.  Problems seemed to surface one after the another leaving me so exhausted and sleepless for several nights.  But as they say life just goes on and these problems are comparable to a washing machine.  Problems twist us, spin us, squeeze us and knock us around.  But in the end, we come out cleaner, shinier and way better than we were.

Problems are inevitable that’s why we just always have to remember to be a “hammer”.  Not the one we see in a Reid Supply hardware but that powerful tool so we can just see every problem as a nail…everything comes with a solution.

December 25, 2013

His Christmas Wish List

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My 5-year-old son prepared his Christmas wish list early. It gave him ample time to really think about the things he’d want to receive from Santa this year.  It was not a surprise he came up with a very long list.  There were exactly 15 items in his list.  Among them are Lego, Transformer robots, a trip to Baguio, clothes, books, a violin, drum set and classic keyboard cases at Musicians Friend.  I love how the list was so diverse but from the looks of it, he seemed more inclined to receive music-related stuff.

December 23, 2013

Godaddy Discount Code Alert

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It’s that time of the year when I have to renew 2 of my personal domains.  So glad to have “googled” first and stumbled upon a great Godaddy discount code deal from renewalcoupons.com. 

If you’re domain is also set to expire this month, be sure to check out this site: http://renewalcoupons.com/godaddy-renewal-promo-codes/

You can avail discounts on renewal up to 44% off!  I was able to renew my .org domain for only: $8.99 .ORG renewal + $0.18 ICANN fee for 1 year and my personal domain for only: $8.49 .COMs renewal + $0.18 ICANN fee for 1 year.  Such a sweet, sweet deal indeed!

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